Thursday, February 24, 2011

Poem Analysis

Imagination Station:

Unicorns by Julia Nagy

There is a flower in the meadow,
A single lone flower.

Here is an analysis of the above poem:

It is evident in this poem that the author in this poem is making a commentary on the disillusionment of our egotistical society, lamenting on how alone and cut off he fells from a society that thinks its got swag. The author, clearly, is the flower in the meadow. He is a single lone flower, clearly indicating that he is a single lone person who feels lonely and has nobody to call his own. The flower stands out among the small blades of grass billowing in the breeze, just as the author feels he stands out among all the ubiquitous members of society.

The scene portrayed by the author seems to be that of a happy one—a flower prancing in a meadow among nature in its most pure and untarishedable form. This happy tone is juxtaposed with the heavy and gloomy view on the societal habits of a megalomaniac society only concerned with themselves and not the well being of others such as the author who clearly is lonely, due to the diction in the poem.

The syntax of the poem also contributes to the thematic theme of this poem. The first sentence, in which the flower is in the meadow, is longer than the second sentence. This longer sentence portrays a need to belong in a society driven by financial constraints and overly partisinized public discourse, whereas the second sentence is short and blunt, expressing the understanding of loneliness and the rejection the author experienced.

I also think the poem is commenting on the state of healthcare in the nation.

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  1. That was a beautiful analysis: A++ You're formal diction shows how serious of a student you are and that you took the time to find the quintessential words to describe the author's intents. As for me, I interpreted the poem to be a highly sophisticated metaphor for a dying solider, one who fought with bravery but was alas left alone in the meadow to become one with the earth. Such a vivid image was painted in my mind by this masterpiece that I was brought to tears by the raw emotion.