Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sterling Rambo's Pick-Up Lines

Imagination Station:

Here’s my top ten pick-up lines. Be waiting to catch her, because she’ll instantly swoon when she hears your man voice utter those words from your man lips.

“Are you a hooker, ‘cause you sure hooked me.”

“How would you like to get Ram-boned?”

“Hey baby, I bet I got bigger breasts than you. No? Prove it.”

“Are you a mountain climber, ‘cause you sure peaked my interest, if you know what I mean WINK WINK.”

“Can I have sex with you? No? What if I paid you?”

“I’ll let you unpeel my banana if you let me see if your melons are ripe.”

“I work out, you work out. We should sexercise sometime.”

“I’ve got a Klondike bar in my pants. What would you do for it?”

“You don’t want to have sex with me. That’s reverse psychology. So now you want to have sex with me. Right?”

For you journalism nerds out there:

“How about you put your sexy quote on my nut graph.”

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