Thursday, April 7, 2011

Prom Dilemma

OMG, I'm going to look so refined.  Totally.  Be
jealous, 'cause I'm pretty.  
Imagination Station:

Hi everyone.  My name is like Tiffany and I'm totally the most popular girl in the whole school, so there's a lot of pressure for me to stay pretty.  And like now that prom is just around the corner, everyone is expecting me to look like really cute... no, not cute.  Sorry.  Everyone is expecting me to look so hot that they feel less confident about themselves and so they can have yet another reason to worship me.

So, I got my dress yesterday and now I need some shoes to go with the dress, but I'm totally torn between these two totally awesome open toed shoes.  I like really need your help.

I went to the mall today with my BFFs and one of my frenemies (who totally thinks she's like the most popular, but is totally not because I have more Facebook friends and Twitter followers) and I saw two super cute shoes, like to-die-for kind of super cute shoes.

Now, I need to decide between those two shoes because I obviously cannot wear two different pairs of shoes to prom.  Like most people, I only have two foots okay.  And what I put on my two foots is important.  I can't walk in, and have people all be like, "OMG Tiffany, you look gorgeous... wait, what? OMG what fugly shoes.  Ew.  You can't be here.  You can't stay at prom.  You're banished!"

And then I'll be banished and have to wonder the streets cold and alone and end up in a forest somewhere and trip and fall down a giant canyon where I'll be attacked by a rabid squirrel.  I'm too pretty to have that happen.  That only happens to ugly geeks, not pretty people.

Here's the first shoe option.
Here's the other option.  

So, option number one is a red shoe to match exactly with my red dress.  I love the heart.  It's totally fun and cute and says "OMG, I'm like fun and cute, so be jealous ugly people.  LOLZ."  And best of all, the heart has been dipped in glitter, so when it hits the light, it's going to break it.  

The other option are these super sexy clear high heels that have a classy touch.  How much more classy can you get than dice and chips?  Not any classier.  They look really great on me and give me such a nice height boost.

Originally, I thought I could solve this problem real easy.  My mommy always told me that if the shoe fits, wear it, but both of them fit...  Anyway, here's the problem I face.  One shouts, "OMG, I'm like cool and fun and sweet."  The other shouts, "OMG, I'm totally sexy and classy and fierce."  So what look should I go for?  Should I follow my heart or my head?  Wait, do I even have a head?  Oh, I thought it was just called a face.  LOL.

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