Monday, April 18, 2011

Commencement Speech

Imagination Station:

Good evening ladies and gentleman.  My name is Tiffany, and I like have the extreme honor of commencementating this speech.

Webster defines graduation as an act of graduating, but to us, graduating means so much more than that.  We've like had great times at our high school, like the time sophomore year where Kelly totally thought she could steal my boyfriend and get away with it, and then I like slashed her tires.  And when she saw her car she starting crying, and then I went and told her that her boyfriend thinks she's fat and ugly... LOLZ.  Or like the time when the star quarterback asked me to prom by writing "Prom?" on  the windows in the cafeteria... ah, great times.

So, we've shared so many memories and made memories and memorized memories and like this is our last time we are all together.  This is kind of sad, but don't worry, because the friendships we've made will last a lifetime.  I consider you all my BFFs, even you ugly people.

When we're old and ugly (except for me, because I'm marrying a rich plastic surgeon) we'll look at these times and remember that these were the best times of our lives.  As we go forth into the world, we'll do great things because we are the future leaders of America or our state or of the great nation of Hawaii.

I want you guys to take a moment and look at the person on your left.  Now look at the person on your right.  That person may cure cancer or become a lawyer or own a successful business or be the prez or flip burgers at McDonald's.  We can all do great things if we put our faces too it.

So in introduction, where will you be in forty years?  What will like our legacy be?  Remember, it's not the end, it's the beginning.  And thanks for voting me your prom queen.

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