Saturday, January 1, 2011

Playground Showdown

Imagination Station:

Please play the following clip while reading the story below.  It will add to your reading experience.

On the playground of Westburg Elementry School, a legendary battle took place—a battle so epic, its story has been written on the pavement in bright pink chalk. This is the story of two eight year olds, Suzy Que and Penny Bop.

“Suzy Que,” Penny Bop called across the dry asphalt. “You and I have a date with destiny.”

Suzy Que, who was drawing a sunflower, slowly looked up, giving Penny, what’s known on the playgrounds as, the stink eye. Suzy rose, clutching the canary yellow chalk in her hand.

“I suppose we do Penny Bop. This has been a long time coming,” Suzy flung the chalk towards the ground in front of her. She smacked her hands together. Faint yellow dust plumed in front of her.

Penny gritted her teeth as the rest of the school yard froze. All they could do was watch.

“Are you sure you want to do this here? Now? You know I’m quick on the draw,” Suzy drawled.

Penny whipped her chestnut bangs away from her eyes. She grabbed her long mane, securing it in a pony tail.

Suzy tugged on her blonde pig tails, making sure they were secure. This was about to get ugly. Real ugly.

Penny grinned, “Let’s do this.”

A tumble weed rolled by as Suzy and Penny stared into each other’s eye. Their fingers moving back and forth at their sides, waiting for the other to make even the slightest move.

“Yo momma so ugly, they had to tie a pork chop around her leg just so the dog would play with her,” Suzy fired first.

“Yo momma so old that when she was in school, there was no history class.”

“Yo momma so dumb she thinks a quarterback is a refund.”

“Yo momma so dumb that she tried to put M&Ms in alphabetical order.”

“Well, yo momma so short, she gotta slam-dunk her own bus fare.”

“Yo momma so poor she can’t afford to pay attention.”

Suzy let go of the chalk in her hand. It dropped to the ground in slow motion.

“Yo momma,” Suzy blurted out. “Yo momma… she wears pajamas.”

The schoolyard burst into laughter, pointing and snickering at Suzy. Penny lifted up her finger gun, blowing above the barrel.

“I suppose I’ve won,” Penny smirked.

The tumble weed rolled by again.

“I suppose.”

And Suzy walked alone, disgraced, into the sunset.


  1. Ha! The music truly did add to the story. I really enjoyed the imagery with the playground.

  2. I loved it! (Roomies is 2011? I think so!)

  3. Oh yes. This is rather badass. And the music just completed it!


  4. sooooo funny haha the music totally added to it