Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tiny Thoughts with Tiffany 3

Imagination Station:

Every Tuesday, Tiffany, the most popular girl at her school, shares her thoughts of the day.  Some are funny, others serious, but they are always poignant and deep. 

So, like hi everybody out there.  It's summer, and I'm like totally having the most epic summer ever.  I've been tanning and reading and tanning.  Yeah, I know, you've actually been reading Tiffany?  Yeah, actually I totally have been and it's been like really awesome.  I stopped reading Seventeen Magazine and decided to go with some that had like a more harder word choice.  So, I picked up a copy of Cosmo.  Really hard word choice.

#1 pencil ;) LOLZ
Anyway, I had another thought today and I decided it was time to share it with you all.  I was shopping for a new Fendi purse online and put it in my shopping cart and then it asked for a credit card.  I went to talk to my mom and I wrote down her credit card info, but before I did that, I had to find a pencil so I could write it down.  Who knew that pencils are not only great for erasing, but for writing too?  I know, I was totally shocked.

So, I went to my mom's desk and grabbed a pencil.  Then it hit me.  Like why are #2 pencils still #2 if they're like the most popular pencils?  We always have to use them on tests and like have you ever seen a #1 pencil?  No.  So, why aren't #2 pencils #1?  It's like so confusing.  Maybe it's a political statement.  Or like an error.  Like when the pencil guys were writing out the name, they like totally meant #1 but wrote #2 and then didn't spell check it.  


Like that was my so very thoughtful thought of the day, so hope you guys enjoyed it :)  And if not, then whatever.

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  1. Huh... that actually is somewhat deep... I've never thought of that before...

    TIFFANY IS A GENIUS!! (in the loosest form of the word)