Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Booty Shorts

Imagine these in a neon pink. 

Today I was scared for life by neon pink booty shorts and the reason I call those shorts booty shorts and not short shorts is because half of her ass was hanging out of them.  Classy.

She was working out and decided to stop at the tables outside Whole Foods to stretch.  Look, I get it.  It's hot out, you're hot and sweaty when you work out, but another inch or so longer shorts is not going to take you from "Oh, these shorts are so breezy and light" to "OMG I'm gonna die!  It's so hot.  These shorts are gonna make me get a heat stroke."

So for heaven's sake lady outside of Whole Foods, get some longer shorts.  I don't want to see your booty.  I just wanted to go buy a tuna sandwich, my Guayaki tea, and then go home and enjoy my lunch, but now I have that horrible image ingrained in my mind.  If part of your butt-cheek is hanging outside your shorts, then they might just be a tad too short.

Heck, go ahead and classy them up and bedazzle "JUICY" across them, because I don't think anyone noticed your half-of-my-ass-is-hanging-out neon pink shorts.

Are those even legal to wear?


  1. I don't know if I should be aroused or disgusted by that picture, but somehow it doesn't seem socially unacceptable. Like you'd expect to see those.

    Anyways at borden park fireworks some girl had shorts similar to that picture...It was as if a 17 year old borrowed her 13 year old sister's hollister shorts for a night. But she was hot so it was okay. ;)


  2. Nick would post something like that

  3. It could be worse...she could be fat. I've seen a couple of those before.


  4. I'm a manly man. I like booty.