Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tiny Thoughts With Tiffany

Imagination Station:

Every Tuesday, Tiffany, the most popular girl at her school, shares her thoughts of the day.  Some are funny, others serious, but they are always poignant and deep. 

So, like hey everyone.  It's so nice out today, so my friend Amber and me totally decided to skip school and get our tan on, because boy's like tanned girls and I'm not gonna go fake bake so I can look like an orange.  Like how many guys do you see ask oranges to prom?  Like no one, well, except for that band geek, but still, like no one important or popular or hot would.

Anyway, so we were sitting by some random person's pool (we totally hopped their fence, so like don't tell anyone, 'cause I could get like jailed) and I just randomly think this random thing.

"Hey Amber, why is Greenland called Greenland?"
This is Greenland on a map.  I'm just kind of confused.
Are there two Denmarks?  

So then she was all like, "I don't know Tiffany.  It's green there right?"

Then I was like, "But it's cold and icy.  Why don't they call it Iceland?"

And then she was like, "But there already is a country called Iceland."

I totally did not know this because I didn't pay attention in geology class, and my parents never bought me a map.   Plus, this is the United States and we're United Statespeople, and we don't give a WTF about other places because they're not as awesome.

Then I was like, "OMG, like why couldn't they call it Iceland 2 or Iceland: The Sequel?"

And she was all like, "Great idea Tiffany.  Maybe we could contact the Nations United and get the name changed?"

And I was then all like, "Totally."

So, that's my random thought for the day.  Love you all, and by all, I mean the popular pretty people.

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  1. Busted a gut at "Iceland: The Sequal" Simply mindblowing.